Automate Chemical Injection Slipstream Process

Continuous chemical treatment with slipstream flush is problematic in unconventional wells.  By automating the flush valve with custom setpoints you can capture lost production, eliminate treatment inefficiencies, and increase runtime.

DC3's enhanced Vista Flush Control System, tailored for ESP, PCP, and Rod lifted wells, introduces an easy to configure electric actuated valve control screen, compatible with any pump setup.


» Precise Fluid Control: Customizable flush intervals for optimized production and minimized downtime.

» Pump Variance and Drift Elimination: Eliminate and compensate for pump drift, even with solar-powered systems (up to 40% daily), ensuring optimal chemical delivery.

» Rate Adjustment Based on Production Variables: Automatically adjusts the treatment volume in response to changes in production.

» Verified Chemical Injection: Verification of treatments with tank level monitoring and manual pump calibrations.

» Lower LOE: Reduce failures by providing consistent chemical treatments and better dispersion of chemistry.


» Versatile Pump and Tank Usage: Use any pump or tank, offering flexibility in diverse field conditions.

» Advanced Tank Level Monitoring: Keep a constant eye on tank levels, ensuring uninterrupted operations with industry leading level measurement.

» Simple Flush Valve Programming: Change flush timers locally or remotely when well parameters change.

» Eliminate Contaminated Fluids: Using fluid from the well for diluent and carrier fluid(flush), you can minimize or eliminate the introduction of bacteria and incompatible fluids from treater tuck operations.

» Manual Batch Mode: Ad-hoc batch treatments can be triggered as needed.

» Battery Health Monitoring: Monitor and assess battery health (volts/amps), preempting power-related issues.

» SCADA Integration: Easily integrate into existing SCADA systems for streamlined operations.

» Pump Calibration Fingerprint: Monitor when technicians calibrate chemical pumps to maintain precise chemical injection, maintaining consistent treatment efficacy.

» DC3 Portal Option: Access to a specialized portal for enhanced data analysis and control.

Technical Specifications

» Dimensions & Weight: [Include specific dimensions and weight from the technical datasheet]

» Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with a variety of chemicals, pumps, and tanks.

» Power Requirements: 10-32 VDC, 110/120 VAC

» Connectivity: RS485, TCP-IP, Integrated SignalFire 900MHz radio. DC3 cloud portal optional.

» Material & Build: Constructed with 304SS, 316SS Teflon wetted parts, additional material available.

» Environmental Tolerance: Designed to operate efficiently in any climate, making it suitable for diverse field applications.

How It Works

The Vista Flush Control System operates in 3 modes.  You simply enter the setpoints per the design of your chemical treatment, tell the valve how often to open and for how long and your now on a path to lower LOE.

  1. Volume – You tell the controller how many quarts per day to pump; it’s that easy.
  2. AutoTrack – Well production and ppm setpoints automate rate changes putting your chemical program in autopilot.
  3. Time – Manual and Disabled modes are still available.
  4. Flush Sequencing – Via local or remote control, set your valve interval and open time in seconds; no specialized software of training required