Preventing Methanol Emergencies and Freeze Events with DC3 Automation

Uncategorized / December 14, 2023

Methanol emergencies and freeze events in the oilfield can significantly disrupt operations. These challenges often lead to shut-ins, failures, and urgent field notifications. However, imagine a world where you can proactively manage these situations remotely. DC3’s advanced chemical automation solutions turn this possibility into a reality.

The Challenge of Methanol Management:
Managing methanol treatment, especially in colder conditions, can be stressful and costly. The typical rush to install and repair methanol injection sites in response to emergencies is an all-too-familiar scenario. Without precise control, these situations can lead to inefficient methanol usage and increased operational risks.

DC3’s Solution:
DC3 offers the Mirador and Vista chemical injection controllers, providing precision in determining methanol injection rates. These systems enable the creation of custom injection programs, adaptable to your specific needs, whether integrated into your SCADA system or our cloud, offering flexibility and control in your methanol management strategy.

Key Features of DC3’s Methanol Control:

Customizable Control Schemes: Tailor your methanol injection program to match your specific operational needs.
Real-time Monitoring and Alerts: Receive immediate notifications in case of pump failures, allowing for quick response to prevent freeze-ups.
Predictive Analysis: The system’s predictive capabilities help prevent potential problems, ensuring smoother operations.

The Importance of Flow Confirmation:
DC3’s automation systems go beyond traditional on/off temperature controls, offering crucial flow confirmation. This ensures effective methanol delivery, reducing the risks associated with process freeze-ups.

Exploring a Recent Success Story:
For an in-depth look at how DC3’s innovative approach is changing the game in methanol management, check out our recent case study. In this study, we collaborated with a prominent producer in the Pecos area, demonstrating significant savings and operational efficiencies through advanced chemical automation.

Transform your approach to methanol management and avoid the disruptions of methanol emergencies with DC3’s advanced solutions. Dive into our case study to discover how our technology is reshaping methanol management in the oilfield, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind.