About Us

DCiii’s mission is to fully automate, digitize, and optimize the chemical injection process for global onshore oil & gas production applications.  Our strategy is to align with all customers via an ‘a-la-carte’ suite of offerings ranging from smart monitoring tools, intelligent controllers, multiple hardware applications, software, and combination of all.

By focusing on our core belief that we are a service provider that brings solutions, we are the only company that will gives our customers the ability to control their chemicals and monitor their systems 24/7 to make real-time decisions.  We base our business on customers owning the systems, owning the data, with no recurring fees – our goal is to help our clients optimize chemical usage, not add additional monthly costs.  We strive to align our offering with our customers’ objectives.

DCiii solves the long-standing issues of cost associated with over injection, failure risks with under-injection, safety/environmental risks with field personnel manually managing chemical processes, and the issue of operators being at the mercy of chemical vendors.

Our solution covers three main areas – cost optimization, data collection, and safety/environmental.

DCiii was founded in 2016 based on a better idea for chemical injection monitoring and control.  By utilizing more than 30 years of experience in the engineering, sales, service, installation and troubleshooting of field measurement instrumentation we created an ‘a-la-carte’ suite of products and tools for Oil & Gas producers to achieve better control, transparency, and usage of their chemicals.

Our offerings were all built from the Hardware-OUT, we are the only chemical injection optimization company to do so.  By doing this, we successfully offer a full-suite of services to mix/match, customize, and offer fit-for-purpose solutions that do not entail our customers being at the mercy of our systems, data collection, etc. and we do not charge monthly usage fees.

DCiii understands the specific challenges associated with the well chemical injection process and shortcomings of current systems.  With this insight and the owners’ interests in mind, we offer additional services in addition to our products including: consultation, customized technology configuration, training, troubleshooting, and enhancements.

Our systems have been chosen as standards and have also continuously been selected to replace other pay-for-use systems in the market due to our goal to treat each application as a custom fit for each producer, operating area, and/or chemical application.