Tank Level

Tank Level Monitor

Not all applications require constant control and adjustment capabilities. Many applications only require trending data to estimate daily/weekly/monthly usage, manage inventory, or schedule deliveries by monitoring tank level.

The DC3 tank level monitor is a highly accurate, hydrostatic pressure transducer-based tank level system that easily mounts on new or existing chemical tanks.

The sensor:

  • Can be direct wired into existing SCADA networks;
  • Can be used with a Signalfire™ Wireless network;
  • Or can connect to our Industrial Cellular/Satellite modem for web based service with custom dashboards for asset management.

The DC3 Tank Monitor can eliminate unreliable, unnecessary site visits and manual level reporting, improve delivery scheduling, reduce transportation and manpower cost, and minimize pump downtime. All combined for improved utilization of manpower and resources.

For more information on the DC3 Tank Monitor, contact DCiii at 361-882-3444 or  sales@dc3control.com.