Mirador™ Chemical Injection Control and Diagnostic Module Provides

Greater Monitoring and Control Capabilities over the Chemical Injection Process

The Mirador™ moves Chemical Injection monitoring from the tank to the point of injection. It is a direct measurement system that manages the pump. It is not an indirect measurement of tank levels and inferential calculations based on long term trends. Changes and upset conditions are detected as they happen and corrective action is made immediately when it is needed.

 The Mirador™ Chemical Injection Control and Diagnostic Module provides greater control and diagnostic monitoring capabilities. Mirador™ Operates on an open-based platform with Modbus RTU communication protocol, it seamlessly integrates with sensors, communications, and software to provide full operational visibility, tracking, control, and analysis over chemical injection processes.  Through a simple retrofit to existing “tank and pump” only systems, this value-added subsystem addresses most of chemical injection systems that work by on/off control capacity to deliver chemical to the point of injection.

The Mirador™ has the capability to remotely change process configurations on dosage, calibration, temperature limits, and other parameters.  Constant monitoring of injection volumes ensures a more accurate chemical dosage, resulting in far less wasted material from over-injection and improved product quality and performance by avoiding under-injection.

The Mirador™ allows operators to directly verify and automatically recalibrate injection rates to provide a more accurate chemical delivery. Personnel no longer need to visit sites on numerous occasions to manually calibrate the chemical injection system. The Mirador™ helps technicians remotely maintain appropriate dosage at the desired flow rate based on changing process conditions. Mirador™ reduces manpower requirements.

With no requirements for third-party based communication systems, the Mirador™ seamlessly integrates with existing SCADA systems and networks. While other chemical injection monitoring systems require that data stay in their network, the Mirador™ operates with existing communication systems, eliminating potential security leaks and monthly surcharges to buy back data.

For more information on the Mirador™ Chemical Injection Control and Diagnostic Module, contact DCiii at 361-882-3444 or sales@dc3control.com.