Revolutionize Chemical Injection with The Mirador – Precision and Control at Your Fingertips

Discover the future of chemical injection programs with Mirador, your on-site intelligent solution. Designed to offer unparalleled control and monitoring, Mirador acts as your field technician, working tirelessly around the clock. Its advanced features ensure precision, efficiency, and reliability in your chemical injection process, bringing a new level of sophistication to your operations.


»  Automated Sightglass & Intelligent Controller: Equipped with an automated sightglass and a smart controller, Mirador is your vigilant field technician, always on duty.
» Pump Variance and Drift Elimination: Eliminate and compensate for pump drift, even with solar-powered systems (up to 40% daily), ensuring optimal chemical delivery.
» Rate Adjustment Based on Production Variables: Automatically adjusts the injection volume in response to changes in production, maintaining the perfect balance.
» Verified Chemical Injection: verification of the actual amount chemical injected by the minute, hour, day, or week - ensuring precision and accountability in your chemical program.
» Direct Pump Monitoring: A proactive approach to verify injection delivery, enhancing the reliability and effectiveness of your chemical treatment.



» Versatile Pump and Tank Usage: Use any pump or tank, offering flexibility in diverse field conditions.

» Temperature-Based Control: Specifically beneficial for methanol applications, ensuring optimal chemical usage.

» Advanced Tank Level Monitoring: Keep a constant eye on tank levels, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

» Flowrate-Based Injection Adjustment: Dynamically adjust injection rates based on flowrate changes.

» Remote Control Capability: Manage and control rates remotely for enhanced convenience and efficiency.

» Battery Health Monitoring: Monitor and assess battery health (volts/amps), preempting power-related issues.

» SCADA Integration: Easily integrate into existing SCADA systems for streamlined operations.

» Automatic Pump Calibration: Ensures precise chemical injection, maintaining consistent treatment efficacy.

» DC3 Portal Option: Access to a specialized portal for enhanced data analysis and control.

Technical Specifications

» Dimensions & Weight: [Include specific dimensions and weight from the technical datasheet]
» Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with a variety of chemicals, pumps and tanks.
» Power Requirements: 10-32 VDC, 110/120 VAC
» Connectivity: RS485, TCP-IP, Integrated SignalFire 900MHz radio. DC3 cloud portal optional.
» Material & Build: Constructed with 304SS, 316SS Teflon wetted parts, additional material available.
» Environmental Tolerance: Designed to operate efficiently in [specify range of environmental conditions], making it suitable for diverse field applications.

Technical Specifications

How It Works

The Mirador seamlessly integrates into your existing chemical program, enhancing it with real-time, automated control. It monitors and adjusts the pump rate and chemical volume based on live production data, ensuring optimal chemical injection at all times. With its intelligent controller, Mirador responds to changing conditions instantly, maintaining the effectiveness of your chemical treatments. This continuous calibration and verification of injection rates eliminate the risk of under or over-treatment, thus protecting your assets and optimizing production.