MIRADOR Variable Speed

Ensuring Constant, Precision Chemical Treatment

Elevate Your Chemical Injection with Mirador Variable Speed

Enter a new era of chemical injection with the Mirador Variable Speed Controller (VSC). Designed for those critical applications requiring variable speed pump technology, the Mirador VSC offers unparalleled control and efficiency. Experience continuous calibration, proactive issue detection, and the confidence that your chemical treatment is effective 100% of the time. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional timer-based chemical treatment and embrace the future with Mirador Variable Speed.

Key Features & Benefits

» Continuous Treatment Assurance: Ensures your process is treated 100% of the time, eliminating gaps in chemical treatment.

» Dynamic Speed Adjustment: Adapts pump speed in real-time as process and pump variables change, ensuring optimal chemical delivery.

» Precise Calibration and Verification: Continuously calibrates and verifies injection rates, maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

» Operational Versatility: Compatible with both BLDC and Brushed DC motors, as well as AC systems, offering broad operational flexibility.

» Easy SCADA Integration: Seamlessly integrates with SCADA systems.


Technical Specifications

» Dimensions & Weight: [Include specific dimensions and weight from the technical datasheet]

» Supported Pumps: Compatible with 12 VDC Electric pump (up to 20A); other pumps available on request.

» Power Requirements: 10-32 VDC, 110/120 VAC

» Connectivity: RS485, TCP-IP, Integrated SignalFire 900MHz radio. DC3 cloud portal optional.

» Material & Build: Constructed with 304SS, 316SS Teflon wetted parts, additional material available.

» Environmental Tolerance: Designed to operate efficiently in -40⁰C to 85⁰C, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions.


How It Works

The Mirador Variable Speed Controller revolutionizes chemical injection by automatically adjusting the motor speed of your pump in response to changing process variables. This smart system not only ensures that your chemical treatment is constant but also enhances the efficiency of the process. With the ability to continuously calibrate and monitor the pump, the Mirador Variable Speed Controller proactively identifies issues, avoiding costly downtime and ensuring your operations run smoothly. It's an investment in precision, efficiency, and peace of mind.