DCiii saves companies an average of 20+% of their chemical cost by optimizing and monitoring injection rates.








We prevent large expenditures due to over or under-injection of chemicals by providing real-time control, monitoring, and data / analytics, saving customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in avoided maintenance.



What we do: 

  • We save 20-50% of chemical usage
  • We allow you to inject chemicals based off of production rates – not too much, not too little
  • We allow you to remotely control and monitor chemical injection rates
  • We allow you to track inventory
  • You can monitor equipment performance – pumps, batteries, tanks
  • We force transparency from vendors
  • We make chemical programs safer
  • We give you data to bring chemical programs into the modern world



How we do it:

  • We offer solutions that include hardware, software, controllers, and integration
  • It is a simple brownfield retrofit that can be installed in 1 hour
  • we are chemical / tank / equipment agnostic – works on 99% of injection systems
  • Attaches between the tank and the pump – no disputes over ownership!


Producers and Service Supply companies have unreliable or non-existent information on direct chemical injection pump operation and inventory data that is less than optimal. Current programs only provide inferential or manually input data of tank levels and track long term usage trends to determine chemical program delivery performance.

DCiii allows customers to:

  • Direct accurate dosing using real time process feedback.
  • Providing the right data to the right person. The production Engineer wants information relating to performance optimization while the dispatcher focuses on optimizing delivery schedules. Too little or too much data or having the wrong information can be a problem.

Having the right information in the right place can help make informed decisions. The ability to determine chemical program effectiveness, reduce transportation cost by improved delivery scheduling, better manage field personnel time, and reduce pump downtime with report by exception monitoring are a few of the areas that can benefit from meaningful data analysis.